Our Approach

Pomade & Tonic strives to provide an array of expert advice and services, catering to the personality, style, budget, mood, and desires of each customer. Creating an environment that allows the client the opportunity to be social or not, to make an appointment or walk-in, and to remain free from up-sale harassment.

Core Values:

Pomade & Tonic believes that the client should always feel welcome. No matter who they are, what they do, or what their personal beliefs, we want them as a customer and we are dedicated to providing them an atmosphere that allows them the opportunity to feel included in their community and look great.

Meet the Management Team


Farrell Stephens

Master Barber & Founder




Originally from Louisville, Ky. Farrell moved to Jacksonville FL in 2009
He attended school in Kentucky at Tri-City Barber College (Est. 1932) and was trained in the old Union Style of Barbering.
12 years in the industry total he has worked on television shows as well as for local charities giving away haircuts and shaves for donations.
After years in the industry he wanted to recreate the old traditional barbershops pairing old techniques with modern society touches like the ability to set appointments. The idea was to create a community based place with traditional methods with the ease and comfort of modern technology.
Licensed in both Kentucky and Florida


Rob Jaramillo

General Manager & Master Barber

Saint Nicholas Location


Blake Ware

General Manager & Master Barber

Lakeshore Location

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